Micro-PS System – Trasparent Doors

The MICRO-PS system is the most evolved solution for high-tech partitions creation in Cleanrooms; the system has been developed in compliance with the strictest specifications implemented in the semiconductor industry.


Product Description

Technical Data


Cleanrooms for the Semiconductor, Microelectronic, Electronic, Optical, Mechanical and Aerospace industries.

Components’ description

Jamb and wing frame

in extruded anodised aluminium with rounded edges complete with special slots to house the sealing gasket;


a single glass panel in VISARM 3+3 layered glass;


tubular air-filled rubber gaskets;


invisible, with seat inside the jamb and wing profiles;

Horn shaped

handle in stainless steel.

Optional accessories


  • Internal: mechanical aerial door closing hidden inside the top rabbet crossbeam, with an adjustable load return device;
  • External: mechanical aerial door closing fixed to the top rabbet crossbeam, with an adjustable load return device (available in stainless steel on request).


  • Handle with lock;
  • Stainless steel horn shaped;
  • Safety emergency handles attached at one point.


  • Door interlocking system formed of an electric antipanic match, red/button/green leds, control unit and connection leads.

Draught excluder

  • Pivoting brush inserted into the lower part of the door, to increase the air-tightness of the door.