Grating Panel SH

Perforated panels designed specifically for Clean Room applications: they are designed to provide a smooth air flow from the ceiling to the floor thru 1.024 chamfered holes.


  • Dimensions: 600x600x50(T)
  • Finish Type: Epoxy Power Coating (Hammertone grey)
  • Weight: 10,2 kg


Product Description

Loading Test

  • Ultimate Load: 2.800 kgf (Center point)
  • Concentrated Load: 1.000 kgf (2mm, Center point)
  • Concentrated Load: 1.350 kgf (3mm, Center point)

Conductivity Standard

  • Anti-Static Resistance: 2,5 x 10⁴ ~ 1,0 x 10⁹ Ω