Ceiling light – TEARDROP

Aerodynamic ceiling lights especially conceived for Clean Rooms and Laminar Air Flow Systems: their width (50 mm) and the special shape of the screen allow an excellent airfow control without turbulence.
Teardrop ceiling lights are constructed to enable the creation of rows of lights.


Product Description

Technical Data

Photometric Curves


Cleanrooms and Laminar Flow Systems for the Semiconductor, Electronic, Optical, Mechanical, Aerospace, Pharmaceutical, Medical and Hospital industries.

Components’ description


made of transparent polycarbonate characterised by a good flexibility, an optimum mechanical resistance and a good fire resistance.

Roof tile

made of extruded aluminium profile;

Lamp holder

made of extruded aluminium profile;

Electronic ballast

Incorporated phase selector

that allows for subdividing a row
of ceiling lights on two different ignition switches in order to
ensure the best load distribution;


for protection of each single ceiling lamp.

Optional components

  • Special wiring for high rows creation male / female;
  • Wiring for the use of LED tubes.