Laminar air flow system – HOSP-TM

The Operating Theatres Ceilings of the HOST-TM series are the simplest and most affactive solution for the creation of the laminar flow systems especially for the operating theatres.
The grill, made of strong extruded anodised aluminium profiles assembled on T and L cross joints in die cast aluminium, is designed to house the filtration terminals of the HOOD-IT, HOOD-EL and SILENT HOOD series: the upper part of the profile has a toothed well designed for coupling with M8 threaded suspension bars.
Easy installation and maintenance, they are available in eight different forms.


Product Description

Technical Data

Coupled Filters



Hospital and Veterinary industry.

Grid Ceiling


made of extruded aluminium alloy and it has a reduced width (50 mm) which allows for a 2% increase of the filtering surface as against the profile with a 60 mm width.


die-cast aluminium alloy.