Ceiling light – ASEPTICA

Ceiling fitting for fush installation for Clean Rooms: the ceiling fittings are constructed with dimensions compatible with those of the absolute filters to facilitate insertion into the grilled false ceilings of the Clean Rooms.


Product Description

Technical Data

Photometric Curves


Cleanrooms for the Semiconductor, Electronic, Optical, Mechanical, Aerospace, Pharmaceutical, Medical and Hospital industries.

Components’ description


made of polycarbonate plate, smooth outside and prismatic inside;


made of steel sheet, white painted at 150°C with
epoxipolyester dusts;

Electronic ballast

Electric wiring

in class I homologated, executed with ballast and components approved, high thermal resistance unipolar
cables, special terminals plus earthed with power factor improved knife switch fuse.

Optional components

  • Dimmable electronic ballasts;
  • Emergency wiring with inverter and NiCd batteries;
  • Special colours;
  • Body of ceiling fitting in stainless steel;
  • Tempered glass screen;
  • Frame for flush installation;
  • Frame for water-proof Grid installation.