Micro-PS System – Wall Systems

The MICRO-PS system is the most evolved solution for high-tech partitions creation in Cleanrooms; the system has been developed in compliance with the strictest specifications implemented in the semiconductor industry.


Product Description

Technical Data

Construction Details

Joints between panels

The joints between the panels are stable and safe because they have been made with three mechanical hooks: this guarantees a perfect bond between one panel and the adjoining one, thus ensuring compression of the contact gaskets.
The seal between the panels is guaranteed by a perimeter gasket: an optimal insulation of the rooms is thus ensured even if subjected to different pressure. No silicone required.

Support system

The walls are assembled under the grid ceiling with a detachable track system and locked to the ground by means of small plates attached to the floor.
By using this system it is easy to detach the walls and reorganize the perimeter closures in the Cleanrooms: any panel can be easily and singularly removed without the need to remove any other panels.

Skirting boards

There are four models of skirting boards available to connect the corner formed by the wall and the floor and to make cleaning operations easier.
They are easily assembled and made in a way so as to conceal the clamping screws.


Cleanrooms for the Semiconductor, Microelectronic, Electronic, Optical, Mechanical and Aerospace industries.

Components’ description

  • Coating in sheet aluminium, either pre-painted or in stainless steel;
  • Internal spacing in aluminium honeycomb or rock wood or polystirene panels;
  • Internal frame in extruded aluminium profiles;
  • Tightness between panels by means of ballon gaskets;
  • Mechanical hooks with camme movement;
  • Epoxy-polyester powder paint, RAL9010 colour or electrically conductive paint.