Fan filter unit – AIR-20-MB


Independent Filter Fan Unit designed for the construction of Laminar Airflow Systems: these Units are suitable for being incorporated in process machines or common industrial environments.
It can be directly hung from the ceiling using the M6 corner support, or built into the machine to be protected.


  • Stand-alone control
  • Filtering efficiency: H14
  • Dimentions: 9P9


Product Description

Technical Data


Cleanroom and Laminar Flow Systems for Food & Beverage Industries.

Components’ description

Caisson container

in stainless steel sheet AISI 304 thickness 12/10, sturdy construction, reinforced at critical points to prevent mechanical resonance of the whole.

Flat disposable pre-filter

G4 class in accordance to EN 779:2012 standard.

Radial electrical fan

with rotor in aluminium directly coupled to three-phase electric motor IP54. EC Controller built into the fan to action, control and regulate it.

Absolute filter

with low pressure drop, H14 classe, in accordance to EN 1882:2009 class.


stainless steel sheet AISI 304 diffuser.

Optional accessories

  • Differential fan and filter status pressure switches.