Fan filter unit – AIR-1-EX

Indipendent Filter Fan Unit designed for Cleanrooms in areas where hazardous, inflammable atmospheres can be present.
The AIR-1-EX Filter Fan Units are equipped by elettrofans in compliance to the directive 94/9/EU (ATEX), standard like prEN 14986:2004 (D), DIN EN 13463-1 and DIN EN 60079-14 have been taken into consideration: therefore they can be used were hazardous, inflammable atmospheres only arise occasionally (zone 1 and 2).


  • Stand-alone control
  • Filtering efficiency: H14
  • Dimentions: 6P12, 12P12


Product Description

Technical Data

Coupled Filters

Functional Scheme


Cleanrooms with occasionally arise of hazardous and/or inflammable atmospheres.

Components’ description

Container box

in natural aluminium plate, suitable bent and stiffened to create a strong and rigid structure, painted with polyester conductive painting.

Radial electric fan

with an EX electric motor, coupled directly to an aluminium rotor with inverted blades.

Absolute filter

with low pressure drop, H14 class, in accordance to EN1822:2009, filter pack H=66 mm, compliant with the ATEX 94/9/EC directives.

Optional Accessories

Frequency converter

to change the delivery of one or more motor fan units.

PTC safety relay