Fan Filter Unit – AIR-2-AS

The independent Filter Fan Units of the AIR-2-AS series have been especially designed to be used on Aseptic Filling Machines where, apart from the usual flow and pressure values, it is necessary to guarantee a higher level of reliability and efficiency of the filtering system higher than that for normal Beverage applications. The AIR-2-AS Units are equipped with two absolute filters fitted in series in a container maintained costantly under negative pressure to prevent the possibility of any leak in one or more gaskets generating contamination inside the Filler.
The AIR-2-AS series units are equipped with incorporated electric control panel to dialogue with the Filler PLC.


  • Stand-alone control
  • Remote commands
  • Filtering efficiency: H14, U15, U16
  • Dimentions: 6P6


Product Description

Technical Data


Isolators and Laminar Flow Systems for Food & Beverage Industries.

Components’ description

Container box

in stainless steel sheet AISI 304, sturdy construction, reinforced at critical points to prevent mechanical resonance of the whole.

Flat disposable pre-filter

F7 class, in accordance to EN 779:2012 standard.

Radial electric fan

with an EC electric motor, coupled directly to an aluminium rotor with inverted blades.

EC Controller

built into the fan to action, control and regulate it.

Absolute filters

PTFE type U15 class in accordance to EN 1882:2009 standard.

Electrical panel

built into the unit to action, control and protect it.

Differential fan

and filter status pressure switches.

Optional accessories

Pocket filters

F9 class in accordance to EN779:2012 standards, complete with stainless steel filter-holder housing.

Bus interface

through the BUS interface the unit can communicate with all the more common industrial protocols.