Fan filter unit – AIR-10-ML

Indipendent Fan Filter Units designed for the construction of small/medium sized Clean Rooms, with Absolute Filter integrated in the housing. It can be directly hung from the ceiling using the M6 corner supports, or built into the ceiling of the Clean Room.


  • Remote control
  • Communication protocols: ebmBUS, LONBUS, profiBUS
  • Filtering efficiency: H14, U15, U16
  • Dimentions: 6P6, 6P12, 12P12


Product Description

Technical Data

Coupled Filters

Technical Scheme


Cleanrooms for the Microelectronic, Electronic, Optical, Mechanical, Aerospace, Pharmaceutical, Medical industries and Hospitals.

Components’ description

Container box

in anodised aluminium plate, suitable bent and stiffened to create a strong and rigid structure.

Sound absorbent panels

in Cl. M0 mineral wool, covered with protective fabric to prevent any polluting particles being given off.

Radial electric fan

with an EC electric motor, coupled directly to an aluminium rotor with inverted blades.

EC Controller

built into the fan to action, control and regulate it.

Absolute filter with low pressure drop

H14, U15 or U16 Class, in accordance to EN1882:2009, frame thickness 66 mm, 90 mm or 110 mm.

Optional accessories

Panel prefilter

G4 class, in accordance to EN779:2012, fitted into an appropriate anodized aluminium housing.

Heat exchanger in copper/aluminium

max capacity 4kW, fitted into an appropriate anodized aluminium housing.

Interface board

for LON control

Software features

  • Setting and monitoring of a maximum of 7905 fans.
  • Orientations device of the groups of fans.
  • 1st level: viewing of the 255 groups on the display.
  • 2nd level: viewing of 31 fans per group on the display.
  • Remote control per either one fan or all the fans.
  • Automatic temperature and pressure control.
  • Error message.
  • Localising and analysing of error.