Fan filter unit – AIR-100-PM

Economic and functional solution for the realization of small controlled contamination areas; the dowries of lightweght and hardiness join to the very reduced consumptions thanks to the fans with EC technology.


  • Stand-alone control
  • Filtering efficiency: H14, U15
  • Dimentions: 6P6, 6P12, 12P12


Product Description

Technical Data

Coupled Filters


Cleanrooms for the Microelectronic, Electronic, Optical, Mechanical, Aerospace, Pharmaceutical, Medical industries and Hospitals.

Components’ description

Container box

in anodised aluminium plate, suitable bent and stiffened to create a strong and rigid structure. •Flat prefilter G4 efficiency in compliance to En779 standard.

Radial electric fan

with an EC electric motor, coupled directly to an aluminium rotor with inverted blades.

EC Controller

built into the fan to action, control and regulate it.

Absolute filter with low pressure drop

H14 or u15 class, in accordance to En1882:2009 standard, Frame thickness 66 mm, 90 mm or 110 mm.

Optional accessories

Made in stainless steel