Grid ceiling – GRID-HT

The GRID-HT system has been designed for the construction of false ceilings of Cleanrooms in compliance with to the most recent and severe construction techniques, or rather the most demanding conditions dictated for environments with the strictest cleanliness classes (up to ISO 3).
The design unique of the profile and junctions allow for constructing both dry or wet tightness grid ceiling system: blank panels, ceiling lights, FFU, etc. can be fitted or removed from inside the Clean Room.
The system allows fast fitting and removal and easy re-arrangement when layout has to be modified.


Product Description

Additional Devices

Wall clamping track

Double clamp-fastened profiles in anodised extruded aluminium, fixed to the filter-holder grid by hammerhead screws.

Slot closure profile

Anodised aluminium profile for closure of the slot of the profile: click-in insertion.

Teardrop light

Teardrop light with aerodynamic profile specially designed for use in controlled contamination environments.

Profile for plenum

Profile in anodised aluminium to support the housing surrounding the plenum.

Sprinkler head

Flexible stainless steel braided hose connected to a one-piece sprinkler drop with grid attachment and quick response sprinkler head.

Installation Typologies


Blank Panels


Cleanrooms for the Microelectronic, Electronic, Optical, Mechanical, Aerospace and Pharmaceutical industries.

Components’ description


they consist of three screwed together made of sturdy sheet steel box structures, painting RAL 9010, thickness
1.0-1.5 mm, constructed, assembled and reinforced to prevent mechanical resonance of the unit.

Radial electric fan,

with an EC electric motor, coupled directly to an aluminium rotor with inverted blades.

Flat disposable pre-filter

G4 class in compliance to EN 779 standard.

Absolute filter,

with low pressure drop, H14 class, in accordance to EN1882:2009


adjustable in aluminium or PVC, on request, with polyurethane gasket, located:

  • at the side: in coloumns;
  • on the upper part: in ceiling


made of a study natural anodised aluminium frame with two VISARM 3+3 smash–proof sealed glass units.


by means of fluorescent light fitted in sealed fixtures on the ceiling of the Air Shower.

Electrical Panel

incorporated in the Air Shower, it contains all the necessary instruments for commanding, controlling and protecting the Air Shower.

Signalling panels

Light panels installed near the entrance and exit doors for indicating the operating status of the Air Shower


if a person enters or leaves the Air Shower during the shower phase or if the two doors are simultaneously opened,
thus connecting the Cleanroom with the adjacent room, the alarm buzzer comes on. PTFE type U15 efficiency in compliance to EN 1882 standard.