Cabinet for garments and shoes


Personal locker for shoes storage, manufactured in AISI 304 with scotch brite finish. Each space is equipped with a hinged door mounted on removable hinges, equipped with personal keys. On stainless steel telescopic feet, the rear ones advanced for rounded floor.


Product Description

Technical Data

Components’ description

Main body

made of sturdy painted sheet steel.

Compartment doors

of sliding type gowns, made of painted sheet steel, complete with handles.

Filter Fan Unit

autonomous in the AIR-1-HT series, with a soundproofed anodized aluminium structure with mineral wool panels and radial fan, with backward curved impeller blades, aluminium structure directly connected to the EC electric motor.

Absolute filter

with low pressure drop, H14 class, according to EN1882:2009.


differential manometers to control filters clogging.